Like many in my profession, my passion in the field of holistic medicine grew from my own personal experiences.

From the time my children were born, I understood that the responsibility of their health and well-being meant more than routine doctors’ visits. I wanted to ensure that their surroundings, their food, their emotional condition and even their medication would all work together toward good health and not hinder them in any way.

This was particularly important when we identified that my son was on the autism spectrum. I attribute the use of holistic medicine (including acupuncture, homeopathy and BodyTalk), nutrition, and therapy to his continued progress and well-being. Today, I am pleased to say he is a very kind, caring, talented and independent young man.

As I have seen and experienced first-hand, the value of these treatments for both acute and chronic conditions is imperative to regain and maintain good health. I am honored to have the opportunity to extend this care and these options to my patients. I am completely committed to offering my patients the time and attention they deserve, and to impart knowledge and tools that they can take home to continue their journey towards improved physical, mental and spiritual health.